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Fishing is one of the biggest activities in Alaska. You can fish in streams, lakes, rivers, harbors and open water. There are numerous species, the most popular being of the salmon family, reds (Sockeye), king, silver, pink etc.

Many who come here love to go after halibut, which are plentiful in the deep waters of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska.

Since no trip to Alaska is complete without the added adventure of catching your own salmon, we have included one day of salmon fishing in the standard trip.

However for the more avid fisherman we offer:

1 - Multiple single day trips on the Klutina and Gulkana Rivers

2 - Three day trip from Sourdough-Sailor Point on the Klutina River.

3-Five day trip from Paxson Lake-Sourdough on the Gulkana River. The Gulkana has been designated as one of Alaska's most scenic rivers.

We use rafts and float down these fantastic rivers fishing in the best spots. We will be camping on the 3 and 5-day trips, all food and gear are provided.

During and in between all these great activities are a fantastic amount of sights to see and trails to hike.

Our Guide Stephanie is one of the most experienced in Copper Center and knows all the best spots for Alaska King and Red Salmon.

You will marvel at the beauty and majesty of the rivers and terrain that we will travel through during this part of your adventure. Let us know if the more advanced trips are for you….

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