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Before founding More to Your Life, Jim owned and operated a successful storage solutions company. For over 35 years he consistently received awards and recognition for sales and creating innovative new markets for his supplier's products.

Today he is an avid outdoor enthusiast and traveler. An experienced sea kayaker, he has traveled all over the world and has enjoyed adventures in such places as Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Tanzania, Africa to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. These days, he spends much of his time in his favorite place, Alaska where he is now leading adventure trips to introduce others to this magnificent land.

Jim has completed courses in Wilderness Rescue and Medicine as well as certifications from NASM as a personal trainer. He also holds certification as a Life Coach; achievements that are in keeping with Jim's intense desire to always be well prepared to respond to those in need, whether it is in an emergency wilderness situation or being guided and coached in changing their lives in significant and meaningful ways.

Jim believes nature holds these elements we all yearn for in our lives:

  • First, nature is a beautiful miracle, always - no matter what or where. Nature demands nothing from us. We are free to enjoy all it has to offer and it expects nothing in return, except perhaps, our respect.
  • Second, there are no manmade rules or limits on nature. Not to be mistaken with laws of nature, which we need to understand.
  • Third, we are not able to impress nature with fancy clothes, money, cars or degrees. When we are out in nature and we revel in her wonders, she is absolutely indifferent to our presence. We really like that even if we're not aware of it because at some point or another in our lives, we love to feel we are completely free from having to please somebody.

There's so much MORE but you will understand when you experience it. How can we not be drawn to the mysterious miracle of Nature that is the source of all life? Jim's goal is to help you come to know that placing yourself in nature is where you will find clarity and may, possibly, uncover your true purpose.


Jim Robertson - More to your Life
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Wilderness First Response Certified  NASM Certified Professional Trainer