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As a successful business man, I was often on the road more than I was home. This extensive travel took me many places and though I barely had the presence of mind to soak up the rich experiences, Alaska was on of those places that caused me to “stop dead in my tracks” and take notice.

After my first visit to this sacred land, I found myself coming back to this place often in my mind as I was on a journey to seek satisfaction beyond the material wealth already abundant in my life. It wasn’t long after my own connection to this land, that I gained a heightened sense of profound appreciation and as a result, bringing true contentment. I was finding great joy in what I already have without thought or demand for more.

I discovered a similar peace and sense of clarity in places like New Zealand, Australia, Greece and Africa.

As I began to weave these encounters into my teaching and every day interactions, many would comment how they have always wanted to feel the power of magnificent places like this and professed they would if it was the last thing they did in their lives.

It was then I boldly decided to make a life altering experience like this within reach before a time it has to become the last thing on earth someone does.

I put together easy, yet comprehensive trips to destinations that will offer another way to channel clarity and discover meaning.  I have made arrangements with the professional local experienced outfitters and guides I have come to know and trust to provide a worry free opportunity. Clearing the way of all distractions.

When you join me, we will experience the thrill of paddling near glaciers, sea ice & sea lions, whales and majestic eagles. We will feel alive under the refreshing spray of a 50’ waterfall, listen as we hear the unique song of magnificent birds like you’ve never heard before and gaze out into nature with awe-inspiring reverence as we become witness to animals living in their “natural order” as intended.

Good for the soul...

You will return changed in deep and meaningful ways; with memories of your extraordinary adventure having a lasting impact in all areas of your life.

Alaska Adventure Trips for 2014

We offer our adventure trips between June 15-Sept 15 and they are generally 8-9 days. As stated in the itinerary we can shorten or extend yours as desired.

We limit each trip to a maximum of 8, as we want you to experience your trip on a more personal level.

We have designed the trip to provide you with a variety of activities that expose you to coastal as well as interior landscapes and terrains.

Please contact us to plan your trip and make sure the dates you want are available. Choice accommodations are limited and fill up quickly so it's never too early to plan.

Contact Jim Robertson @ 
630-841-0925 or

This is a once in a lifetime adventure – if not now, when?

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